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9:13pm 06-03-2022
Scott Fleming
Sorry I missed most of tonight’s show. Unavoidable. I’m gonna beat myself up until next Friday, you guys and gal are my oasis for the best oldies on the planet!
8:57pm 05-27-2022
Viki Pearson
Hi guys, l’m here! ❤️
1:07am 05-24-2022
Scott Fleming
Don’t Get Me Wrong by the Pretenders
8:16pm 05-20-2022
Ed Hoelzer
thanks .. fun to listen too
10:35pm 04-29-2022
Tommy Bear
Great Show Rock N Diane
8:06pm 04-29-2022
Scott Fleminb
Ready, set, go,
2:58am 04-16-2022
Stacy Spirit
THANKYOU Rock n Tommy For The Invitation as I Appreciate it VERY MUCH!! I ALWAYS Listen to This Now, THANKYOU Tommy and Diane, Your The Best Ever!! I'm Stacy The Top Administrator From Musicians and Friends Group!! Why it comes up that Way ❤️💞❤️✌️🥰✌️
7:47pm 04-06-2022
Scott Fleming
Rather dreary and cold out tonight. Good night to stay indoors, keep warm, and enjoy some great music on internet radio KEWL98.
8:56pm 04-01-2022
marty nelson
Sounds Great Tommy!
9:27pm 03-13-2022
Patricia Hurt
Dedicated to the one I love
10:19am 02-16-2022
Terry Evdokimoff
Tears On My Pillow-Little Anthony and the Imperials
9:11am 02-10-2022
Rock N Diane
I would like to hear for Rock N Tommy's Valentine special hour for us ladies My boy lollipop 🍭 Thank you Bossman DJ
4:34pm 12-21-2021
Hoover Patricia
Hi Diane How about some Bill Haly and the Comets for the new year? And of course Ricky Vallens, sense they are forever linked. Thanks
9:31pm 12-01-2021
Theresa Evdokimoff
Per your post about the Christmas show, here is my request. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIRP4Xvu_bs
6:53pm 11-28-2021
Patricia Hoover
Love the music Diane and Tommy❤
Messages: 1 until 15 of 90.
Number of pages: 6
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